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Gem of Nature

Awesome day today. On my way to the pond where I discovered two zillion tadpoles fourteen days ago I came along this little fellow. Isn't he awesome? And the tadpoles turned all into tiny cuddly mini frogs :) That really made my day! Off to put more penis shaped ice cubes into my coffe lol

Such a beautiful fellow :) It's called Purple Emperor. I'm in awe...

Have a beautiful Sunday! xxx
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zmajski purple

...there'll be dragons...

Watch out! Awesome animation of one of Ciruelo's dragons from Nomad vfx company. This is a five seconds excerpt of this video but... Awwwww!
Make sure your volume is turned up!

awesomeness under cutCollapse )
Ciruelo Cabral is from Argentine. I loved his works ever since. There are so many details in this animation. The tail for example, the waves, the wings...

Have a great Monday. Over here madness rules today. No sun yet...

PS: Great you can upload videos to your LJ account now. I'm impressed :)
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