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I deleted my Photobucket account

Hi there!

A minute ago I deleted my old unused photobucket account... The mess they have made... First they told me I don't have an account anymore, or worse - wrong password (although I didn't alter anything...). Then I had to confirm it is me... They let me in and directed me to the 'buy... for....'-site... I was soooo aggravated months ago, when instead of an old uploaded pic/file they showed me this stupid 'pay 400$ a year and you got your pictures back'-thing!!!
I don't think I want to have a relationship with a service so unreliable as theirs. So I deleted it.

In 16 days I'm going to be 50... Maybe I will delete my LJ account too. Haven't decided yet. But life goes on. I reset this account to free last year. It's time for a reset. A lot of things that had been very important to me, when I was in 40s are now obsolete. My mother died... still unbelievable... In the last few days I realized that I haven't done any of the things I wanted to do in almost 50 years! I'm still working for other people and their wealth. I feel like living in a kind of prison. Same shit day in day out.

So plans for 2019 are to lose weight instead of gaining it.
Write more for my own delight :)
Finding a better paid job with lower stress level.
Travel more.
Doing the things I always wanted to do (music, photography, art, languages).

And hoping for Sherlock Holmes 3 with Jude Law and Robert Downey and a sequel to 'Master and Commander' :)

Although weather outside is bleak - have a good start and always remember - Life is too short for later!

All the best

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Dark Spring

Hi there!

This picture has been taken a while ago. With my mum's dead not half a year ago to me it looked both beautiful and threatening. It was a chilly spring afternoon. There is always a Yin-Yang aspect in everything that surrounds us. Future frightens me. Bullies seem to rule the world (or trying to). And who are we to prevent it? But nature will still grow, blossom, produce, fester and decay as long as the earth exists. It feels strange to think of one's own mortality... And what will remain?
It still makes me cry that my mum's body was cremated. All that she once was is now gone where??? I still can't believe it. Let's hope for the best.

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Gem of Nature

Awesome day today. On my way to the pond where I discovered two zillion tadpoles fourteen days ago I came along this little fellow. Isn't he awesome? And the tadpoles turned all into tiny cuddly mini frogs :) That really made my day! Off to put more penis shaped ice cubes into my coffe lol

Such a beautiful fellow :) It's called Purple Emperor. I'm in awe...

Have a beautiful Sunday! xxx
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...there'll be dragons...

Watch out! Awesome animation of one of Ciruelo's dragons from Nomad vfx company. This is a five seconds excerpt of this video but... Awwwww!
Make sure your volume is turned up!

awesomeness under cutCollapse )
Ciruelo Cabral is from Argentine. I loved his works ever since. There are so many details in this animation. The tail for example, the waves, the wings...

Have a great Monday. Over here madness rules today. No sun yet...

PS: Great you can upload videos to your LJ account now. I'm impressed :)
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