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Calender - Disabled People Paint

Hi there!

Here some magnificient works of people who are considered to be 'disabled'. It's a calender Mr Schneider gave me, head of the Diakonie, where I made my One-Euro-Job last year. Guideline for 2014 were 'animals'. This is the march sheet! Enjoy!

BBM horse photo 03BMMMarchhorse_zps44d6d118.jpg

March, "Das rote Pferd" (The red horse), by Katharina Hammes, 27.

'A word, once spoken, can not brought back by the fastest horse.' Chinese saying.

BBM icebear photo 01aBMMJanEisbaer_zps9fb799c3.jpg

January, "Ich möchte ein Eisbär sein..." (I want to be an ice bear...) by Thomas Lukas, 43.

"Even if you put on pink glasses an ice bear does not become a raspberry." Franz Josef Straß
(Play on words here: Eisbär, Himbeere :))

BBM elephant photo 02BMMFebelephant_zpsb5d8c261.jpg

February, 'Der tanzende Elefant' (The dancing elephant), Gerhard Rau, 74.

"With friendliness and love you can lead an elephant on a thin thread." Zhu-Xi

Excuse the bad quality. I took the pics in the afternoon in dim light :)
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