amaraal (amaraal) wrote,

I deleted my Photobucket account

Hi there!

A minute ago I deleted my old unused photobucket account... The mess they have made... First they told me I don't have an account anymore, or worse - wrong password (although I didn't alter anything...). Then I had to confirm it is me... They let me in and directed me to the 'buy... for....'-site... I was soooo aggravated months ago, when instead of an old uploaded pic/file they showed me this stupid 'pay 400$ a year and you got your pictures back'-thing!!!
I don't think I want to have a relationship with a service so unreliable as theirs. So I deleted it.

In 16 days I'm going to be 50... Maybe I will delete my LJ account too. Haven't decided yet. But life goes on. I reset this account to free last year. It's time for a reset. A lot of things that had been very important to me, when I was in 40s are now obsolete. My mother died... still unbelievable... In the last few days I realized that I haven't done any of the things I wanted to do in almost 50 years! I'm still working for other people and their wealth. I feel like living in a kind of prison. Same shit day in day out.

So plans for 2019 are to lose weight instead of gaining it.
Write more for my own delight :)
Finding a better paid job with lower stress level.
Travel more.
Doing the things I always wanted to do (music, photography, art, languages).

And hoping for Sherlock Holmes 3 with Jude Law and Robert Downey and a sequel to 'Master and Commander' :)

Although weather outside is bleak - have a good start and always remember - Life is too short for later!

All the best

Tags: no one ever comments, things that make me cry, things that make me smile
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