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fic - constant stimulation

Author: amaraal
Pairing: Holmes / Watson
Rating: NC - 17
Word count: ~1000
Warnings: Pure fluff, PWP.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: Holmes and Watson in bed together, making love for hours.
A/N: nodbear’s wish is my command *g*. A happy New Year!!!



‘Watson,’ you say, ‘You are my constant stimulation.’ You have never explained what you mean by telling me so. But when you lie in my arms, hot and sweaty, your breath mingling with mine, I don’t need explanations. I only need to hear you moan my name, begging me to thrust once more and more. Again and again. I do as you want to, to please you, to make you happy, to keep you sated and content. Your eyes are closed, I see your eyelids flutter, I whisper your name… ‘Holmes…’ and you cry, catch my hand, hold it tight, I feel it twitch in my own… I keep my thrusts slow and shallow… You arch into my touch, expose your throat, your delicious skin, so near my lips. I bent down to kiss you, you turn your head away, another try, another turn. But your name holds you close to me. I’ll never let you go, never let you drift away into realms I dare not follow you.
I bury myself in you, in your flesh, in your heat, your touch. Your breath is hot and coming in fast gasps, I can hear you grit your teeth, my fingers tangled in your hair. I beg you to look at me, you don’t obey and I start to thrust again. You moan, you cry, you whisper my name. You tell me all the sweet things I want to do to you anyway… I must have you, Holmes, Sherlock, ingenious detective, bold fighter in the ring, haughty helping hand of Lestrade and his men, gentleman, connoisseur of music, sweets, tobacco, alcohol… Your drug use a constant torment for me, but  I know: you need constant stimulation. In your work as well as in bed.
And so I press you down with my own weight, hold your wrists beside your head and give you all I have. At the beginning you are reluctant, staring at me like the deer stalked by the hunter. I calm you with my kisses, my hands on your quivering body soothe  you, slowly you give in to the caresses, shyly you return my kisses… Holmes! I always wanted you! I will always want you, don’t try to hide the feelings written clearly in your face, reflected in your eyes.
I bend my head, tiny licks at the place where the collarbones form this sweet hole. Your ribcage a perfect fit in my palms, which I always thought too big for a man of my statue. I press my cheeks, my lips, my nose against your skin, eyes closed, hard as a rock. My moustache tickles your navel, the thin line of black hair I adore so much, vanishing in your garments. I free your prick from under it, it’s soft under my touch, and half hard. Kneading your balls makes you hold your breath, your hands in my hair you arch into my embrace, open your legs, open yourself up, wide and without fear.
I am ready but prepare you first. Your passage is tight and hot… Slowly I enter you, your body, your being. You shiver and welcome me into your heat. Again I call your name, Holmes, it is like an anchor in a dark and lonely night. I fill you, you beg me for more, I obey, and you say ‘thrust,’ and I do, and you say ‘deeper’, I do and you command ‘Faster’… You are the master, the owner of my heart… I conquer you, each thrust brings us closer together, deepens the feeling of duality, burns our souls to cinders…
When you come you take me with you. I cry, calling your name, my anchor in deep and black nights, my saviour, my lover… Our hearts, beating in unison, are racing. I have hurt you, I can tell by the strength of your grip, pressing my body against your own. I feel the sweat trickling down my spine, trickling down your breast, your tears staining my face, too
When we change roles I have to bite the pillow or else the neighbours would cry murder. Your flesh is hard and hot and slick in me, you hit the spot with every move, you come in me, one, two, three, four times… I cannot count how often you moan my name, my Christian name… ‘John,’ you whisper, ‘John,’ and I know you love me with all the strength in your wildly beating heart. I’m not able to speak. You are my world. I kiss you, I bite you, I draw blood from your back. You are my constant stimulation. I must have you, again and again and again. You are there, lying on me and deep within me, a sweet damp weight on my body, in my arms. I hold you tight, knead your buttocks, your balls. We stare at each other, you, with a determined glare, I challenging you, but I’m no opponent for you. My lips and throat are dry, moaning and whispering your name… My limbs are weak, my fingers twitching in irregular patterns. You smile every time I utter a guttural sound deep from within… I love you, Holmes. I love you so much! I drown in your eyes, deep and dilated. You smile at me – the victor’s smile, before you too fall into the abyss you have provoked by doing possessing me. I hold you with all my strength, you whine and whimper, you cry and moan… You can not escape! You are mine! And you know it! You give in and I lick your tears away. Holmes… Holmes… You do the same for me and I know: as long as we live I will never desire, will never love another man as deeply as I love you. Forever and ever.

You fall asleep, relaxed and content. You eyelashes throwing shadows over your now softened features. You look like a dark cherubim. Even now you whisper my name. I have to smile and protect your sleep until dawn.







Tags: fic, holmes/watson, slash
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