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I made something...

I call it 'jlawactive' after Jude Law whose hand I had the privilege to touch last year in December thanks to nodbear! The colours blue and silver seem to fit to his complexion. I can't really explain. But then Robert Downey jr 'feels' like dark-grey and red, the devil :)

This took me a day to saw it out of a piece of plywood and another day varnishing and glueing it to a piece of tinfoil. It now graces my sleeping room wall and I can hardly avoid staring at it :) It's so beautiful it almost makes me cry... ^^

jlawactive june 2014 photo jlawactive10062014small_zps7e23599f.jpg

Plus glimmer :) Because, hey! Mr Law is a star :) *twinkle*
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